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Retention Campaign Specialist

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Job Description
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As a Campaign Manager, you will play a key role in driving & growing our mobile app & retention metrics. You will be collaborating with, Designers, Content creators Growth Marketers,& Customer Success Managers. You will run various messaging experiments on multiple channels like Push notifications, SMS, Email, WhatsApp.
Our ideal candidate will have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and have an understanding of engagement tools like MoEngage or Clevertap. We love people who are humble and collaborative with a hunger for excellence.

·  Create multi-channel (push notifications, WhatsApp, In-app prompts, SMS, Email etc) marketing campaigns & journeys based on different user segments to drive user acquisition, activation, engagement & retention.
·  Be responsible for and own execution, monitoring and measurement of marketing campaigns and their success. Collaborate with designers and copywriters for content and act as an owner to execute campaigns end to end.
·  Improve new campaigns using data and feedback from existing and previous projects.
·  Create detailed and diverse user segments to identify high, medium & low activity cohorts. Create communication & content strategies
·  Analyze app traffic, create user journeys & campaigns to enable cross-channel product experience and marketing.

Qualification & Requirements:
·  Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering ( CS, EC &  IT)
·  experience in creating mobile/web application journeys & campaigns on tools like MoEngage, Clevertap etc.
·  Good with Excel and basic analytics.
·  SQL basics understanding

Soft Skills:
·  Ability to prioritize and manage multiple milestones and projects efficiently.
·  Team spirit, good time-management skills, strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders.
·  Detail-oriented, advanced problem-solving skills with a customer-centric approach.