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Data Scientist

Bangalore, Data
Work Location: Bangalore
Reports To: Tech Lead

Our Cause:

Rapido is India’s largest bike taxi player focused on solving the first and last mile connectivity problem for India. The primary focus is mobility and changing all facets of mobility across India.
We believe that 2 Wheeler are the right mode of transport for developing countries like India and have much more scope than 4 wheelers, which is also reflected in the fact that the number of 2 wheelers is significantly more than the number of 4-wheelers.
We have operations in close to 100 cities and are the undisputed market leader in this space. Growing close to 500% year-on-year, we have ambitious targets set for ourselves in the future as well.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Understand problem statement/product requirement
  • Work with Data Engineers to get required data  
  • Analyse the data and identify statistical/machine learning models 
  • Build POCs to demonstrate success/failure of the hypotheses
  • Run and manage experiment lifecycle to better elucidate conclusions of hypothesis
  • Use ML tools to translate notebooks to production models/pipelines
  • Post that, work with ML and Data Engineers to ensure the models in production systems are functioning as expected.

Education and Experience:

Qualification - Masters or Ph.D. in Statistics, Math, CompSci, Econ, Physics, Engineering or related scientific disciplines; preferably from a premier scientific institute like ISI,IISC, IIIT, NIT etc

Must have:

  • Work experience -  2 years as a Data Scientist or equivalent position and overall 4 years in Tech if you're switching from a software engineering domain
  • Statistical knowledge - Proven experience in statistical methods like and not limited to Markov Models, Stochastic models, Bayesian Models, Classification Models, Cluster Analysis, Multivariate Stats, Regression Models
  • Machine Learning  - Prior work experience in one or more of these knowledge areas (domain agnostic): Price Modelling, Demand Forecasting, Recommender Systems, User Profiling, Fraud Detectors
  • Technologies - Proficiency in Python (must have) and any other prog. language; Specific libraries may include - Scikit-learn, pandas, TensorFlow, Keras, Torch, Caffe, Theano, etc; 
  • Experience with Kaggle is a bonus

Interview Process:

  • · Round 1 – Assignment
  • · Round 2 – Technical Discussion 1
  • · Round 3 – Technical Discussion 2
  • · Round 4 – HR Round

We’ve scaled 10x within 1 year and currently doing 3.5+ Lakh orders per day. Our growth outshines our goals and we want you to be a part of the growth solving fundamental mobility problems for India. You can be part of the team that is helping daily commuters with economic and quicker rides.
At Rapido, we take our work seriously and are proud of the associations we have built along the way. But then, we also know how to have fun. With a seamless communication structure and a “no cubicle culture”, the people here are extremely approachable. You will have several opportunities to exercise your potential, you won’t be disappointed. We break the regular office monotony and believe in free-flowing work culture.