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Data Scientist

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Data Scientist Job Description



Qualification - Masters or Ph.D. in Statistics, Math, CompSci, Econ, Physics, Engineering or related scientific disciplines; preferably from a premier scientific institute like ISI,IISC, IIIT, NIT etc

Overall purpose:

Your main purpose will be, to be the algorithmic expert in our data driven product team. 
Essentially your job will require you to follow these steps: 

  1. Understand problem statement/product requirement
  2. Work with Data Engineers to get required data  
  3. Analyse the data and identify statistical/machine learning models 
  4. Build POCs to demonstrate success/failure of the hypotheses
  5. Run and manage experiment lifecycle to better elucidate conclusions of hypothesis
  6. Use ML tools to translate notebooks to production models/pipelines
  7. Post that, work with ML and Data Engineers to ensure the models in production systems are functioning as expected

Must have:

  • Work experience -  2 years as a Data Scientist or equivalent position and overall 4 years in Tech if you're switching from a software engineering domain
  • Statistical knowledge - Proven experience in statistical methods like and not limited to Markov Models, Stochastic models, Bayesian Models, Classification Models, Cluster Analysis, Multivariate Stats, Regression Models
  • Machine Learning  - Prior work experience in one or more of these knowledge areas (domain agnostic): Price Modelling, Demand Forecasting, Recommender Systems, User Profiling, Fraud Detectors
  • Technologies - Proficiency in Python (must have) and any other prog. language; Specific libraries may include - Scikit-learn, pandas, TensorFlow, Keras, Torch, Caffe, Theano, etc; 
  • Experience with Kaggle is a bonus