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Art/Design director

Bangalore, Marketing
Work Location:Bangalore
Reports To: VP Marketing
Direct Reports: Yes
People Management (Yes/No): Yes

Our Cause:
Rapido is India’s largest bike taxi player focused on solving the first and last mile connectivity problem for India. The primary focus is mobility and changing all facets of mobility across India.
We believe that 2 Wheeler are the right mode of transport for developing countries like India and have much more scope than 4 wheelers, which is also reflected in the fact that the number of 2 wheelers is significantly more than the number of 4-wheelers.
We have operations in close to 100 cities and are the undisputed market leader in this space. Growing close to 500% year-on-year, we have ambitious targets set for ourselves in the future as well.

Role and Responsibilities:
  • Create an inspiring team with an open communication culture and deeper collaboration
  • Lead, grow, and mentor design team and provide art direction with hands-on experience into the field
  • Set clear goals and motivate team members. Oversee day-to-day operations
  • Be a point of contact for team, stakeholders and report to HOD - Arts
  • Out of the box thinking .Impart the importance of user-centricity and research to build scalable and valuable solutions
  •  Monitor team performance and report on metrics and share honest reviews ,:
  • Mentor team and discover training needs and provide coaching
  • Building a seamless process and flexible to iterate to suit a specific need
  • Empathies with team members and lead towards growth by constructive feedback
  • Exploration of various art styles and communicate a story through various mocks and presentation
  • Work closely with multiple departments and stakeholders and ensure transparency in the process and delivery milestones
  • Good understanding of product and marketing objectives and ability to translate the same in all communication channels
  • Understand strategic solutions that identifies with the business values and the end-user objectives
  • Portfolio highlighting multiple projects and your specific contributions
  • Developing creative ideas and concepts, often in partnership with the Brand , Social Media and other SBU’s
  • Radical Accountability & systems Thinking are the required two behavioural aspects which lies in the core of this role.
Education and Experience:
  • Experienced in guiding creative teams
  • Naturally creative with a strong passion and aesthetic for modern, minimal design
  • Understand front-end development for websites and/or web app
  • Superior understanding of advertising and marketing principles
  • Technical knowledge with the ability to execute Static and Motion graphics creatives.
  • You need to have excellent proficiency in English You will be required to share feedback to the copy team.
  •  You will need to have a degree in graphic design from a top tier design school
  • 10 or more years of experience in design for a consumer focused brand (preferably in the digital space).

Interview Process:
  • Round 1 – Discussion with VP Marketng
  • Round 2 – Discussion with Co-Founder
  • Round 3 – HR Discussion

We are in the stage of getting the key hires for the organisation and this would be one of them. Rapido
Corporate is a key priority for the entire company and has the potential to contribute a major chunk of
company’s revenue, at the same time providing a strong business moat to us.
We provide a lot of ownership to our employees and provide multiple avenues for them to grow within
the company. We have a fluid, open office culture and think there is always a better way to solve a
problem. We believe in launching things quickly and iterating on them rather than waiting for that
perfect solution.
We are in a high-growth phase and are doing ~15 million rides per month. Our network also happens to
be one of the largest in the country having more than 3 lakh active Captains (our driver partners) with
us. The margins we are able to demonstrate are also best in this field across the world.
Our growth outshines our goals and if you want you to be a part of the exponential growth, solving
fundamental mobility problems for India then this is the place for you.